August 27, 2014

Lilla Rose Giveaway

  Wild Card Wednesday this week goes to Lilla Rose by Ann Washburn.  Totally cute and functional hair style products. I chose the floral design black nickel flexi clip size small and sparkling silver headband.  With these two pieces I have a ton of options for hair styles.  I went with simple styles today to show off the products but, you can also use the flexi clip for french twists, pony tails, and half up styles.  You will see both of these back in the future because I really love that they can dress up an outfit and keep my hair out of my face.

Ann has been oh so sweet to giveaway one item up to a $20 value.  You must be new to Lilla Rose and you can enter below.  I have more great news you can purchase three items and get one for free.  Here is the scoop.

1.  Please go to Ann Washburn's Lilla Rose and click on the "Shop Now" button.
2.  Click the "Create a new account" button in the top left hand corner.
3.  Place your order of 3 or more items.
4.  Once you have completed your order, select your free item, up to a $16 value.
5.  Email the item number and she will order it for you!  
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  This offer is only available to first time customers in the U.S.

Much Love & Style,
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August 23, 2014

Stylish Saturday: SJP Collection

  Today marks my first full day of work.  I started this week and I am so excited.  It is looking like a really awesome gig.  I can't wait.  Anyway, let's move on to Stylish Saturday.  So, as you all probably know I love Sarah Jessica Parker.  You can read my love for her here.  Yesterday I went to the SJP personal appearance at our Nordstrom store in Virginia.  She is so stinking cute and her shoes are to die for!!
  All of the styles totally scream Carrie and come in a beautiful array of colors.  I was also pleasantly surprised with how comfortable they were.  I tried on several different pairs and they all fit great and were made very well.  The prices start out in the mid $300's and in my opinion are totally worth it.
  Sarah Jessica Parker was so sweet to all of her fans, chatting them up and signing their shoes.  She took some cute photos with some of the customers and was just such a pleasant superstar.  

  Here are my a few of my favorites that you can pick up from Nordstrom.

SJP Collection Picks

  I hope you all enjoy your weekend and if you are in Garden City, NY go see SJP at Roosevelt Field at 2pm.

Much Love & Style,
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August 22, 2014

Fun Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!!! For Fitness Friday this week I wanted to share some workouts that I totally enjoy doing.  These are fun, and make your workout fly by.
Boxing - That's right ladies.  Boxing.  We actually have a punching bag in our basement because I love hitting a bag.  Nothing better than getting out your stress and frustration on a punching bag.  Here is a great website for boxing tips.  The Nest.
Kettlebells - Another workout that is just plain fun!! You actually get to swing weights, sweat and smile.  Now obviously it's not just swinging weights around like a crazy person.  It's controlled movements but, you will feel oh so good afterwards.  Here is a great  Greatist Kettlebell workout (pictured below).  Here is one more great Kettlebell workout The Skinny Mom Kettlebell workout.

Running - Sorry ladies, obviously I would put running on this list.  I live to run and I mean it is one of my Top 5 Workouts!! It's so good and so fun.  There is nothing like getting out with some great music.  If you needed a little motivation do a fun run.  There are so many great choices out there.  Neon runs (glow in the dark night runs), color runs, and mud runs. 
Agility & Plyometrics - Or any form of jumping.  I love agility plyo workouts.  It reminds of the good ol' days playing basketball and field hockey.  You can find a great plyo workout here and a great agility workout here and here

Now whatever workout you decide to do make sure you follow the instructions and listen to your body.  Take care of yourself, eat well and enjoy your workout.

Much Love & Style,
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Disclosure:  Please consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program.  If you have any health issues or injuries please seek personal professional assistance.  Any actions that you take as a result from this program you do so at your own risk.  Accordingly you release The Fashionista Momma from any liability now and in the future including, but not limited to, injuries, illness, or even death, however caused, occurring during or after any actions that you have taken as a result of reading this content.