April 18, 2014

Easter Man Basket

I'm a sucker for Pinterest and all the fun ideas.  I saw this somewhere one day and swore I would do it.  A Easter Man Basket.  I can't wait to see the hubby's face when I explain.  So, there are a lot of inside jokes involved in this basket.  I highly recommend making one and personalizing it to your relationship.  It makes it that much better.  Here is my hubby's Easter Man Basket.

Grumpy Old Men & Grumpier Old Men
Reese's eggs (duh)
Nuts (I can't help but chuckle... Sorry I'm still 12 sometimes) 
A chocolate bunny
Doggy Style Pale Ale (inappropriate some of you might say, but I couldn't help it) Doggy style and beer in one package?? Seriously that's too funny and ummm... It's a Easter Man Basket. Enough said. 
You still have time to get out and surprise your boyfriend, hubby, best man friend or whoever with this awesome basket.  Have fun.  

Much Love & Style,
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April 17, 2014

24 Karite Gold Shea Butter Eye Moisturizing Creme

I really am the luckiest blogger.  I have yet to receive a product I didn't like.  So, here I am to rave about another great product.  24 Karite Gold Shea Butter Eye Moisturizing Creme.
  I received this product two weeks ago and have been using it morning and night.  I am in love with this product. Now in two weeks it hasn't banished wrinkles or made me look 10 years younger but, what it has done is just as great!! 
  My under eye area and eye lids are as soft as can be, thanks to the 24 Karite Gold Shea Butter Eye Moisturizing Creme.  I want to use it from head to toe.  They use Raw Shea Butter in their products that moisturizes and nurtures your tired eyes.  Creating a perfect canvas to put your make up on.  Not only is the product great but, the company creating the Eye Creme is pretty fantastic.  By purchasing 24 Karite Gold you are delivering 75% of the income to the nation of Burkina Faso in West Africa.  This income supports the woman of the nation and is giving jobs to the local people.  How awesome is that?
   So, by taking care of your skin you are taking care of other people.  Major points.  All in all, I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you have dry skin.  Your skin will feel heavenly.  Oh and did I mention for $23.60 you get this giant 36 ounce bottle of 24 Karite Gold Shea Butter Eye Moisturizing Eye Creme?  AWESOME!!

Much Love & Style,
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Disclaimer:  I was given this product for review.  I was not paid in anyway and all opinions are my own.

April 14, 2014

The start of the closet room

  Oh happy day.  I am giving just a sneak peek at the closet room.  I am so excited for it coming together but, I am struggling with my large shoe collection.  It's going to be tough to get them all off of the floor.  So, for today I am sharing my vanity corner of the  closet room.  All for a bargain price of $180. 

The Closet Room Vanity
Desk Target $110 used $10 off coupon for furniture
Chair Target $79 on sale and 30% off Cartwheel
Mirror the hubby found at work
Nail polish rack $12 metal drawer organizer with wire tied and spray painted
Glass jars Dollar Tree
Ring & Bracelet holder Michael's used 40% off coupons and spray painted gold
Sunglass holder picture frame $15-$20 (I have had it for a long time) rope stapled to inside of frame

I hope enjoyed my little closet room vanity and I look forward to sharing the rest of the space with you soon.  Check back for more details on how to create your dream closet room on the cheap.  As always when creating your space shop around, check Pinterest for DIY jobs and other alternatives to expensive ideas.  You can always knock off a ton of money with just a little research.  

Much Love & Style,
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