February 5, 2014

Brillance Nutrition

  Hey there lovelies.  I want to share an amazing company and some fantastic products with you, that could change your life.  Brilliance Nutrition and Raw Revelations.  I have been struggling with some health issues for some time now.  My blood pressure has been high and I have been extremely clumsy and forgetful for months.  Finally at my last doctor visit, I was told they wanted me to start considering blood pressure medication.
  In a panic I contacted a dear friend, Joseph, who is a health guru.  He designed my treatment plan and had me start for one month.  His process is unique and he works with you to adjust and refine your program to maximize your results.  I am happy to report in 30 days my blood pressure has dropped significantly.  It was 154/99 and I am now 140/84.  I am also excited to share I am starting to feel like a normal functioning person again.  I am not running into things as much or forgetting why I walked in to a room every day.  This was in just one month, using no medication, and no chemical compounds.  Just all natural products and diet changes.  Joseph works with Raw Revelations a company that promotes empowering people through education on how to live a healthier life.  In addition to knowledge and education they offer great, high quality, all natural products to help you reach your optimum health.
  If you are struggling with your health or just don't feel 100% please give Joseph at Brilliance Nutrition a call or send him an email.  You can also contact him on Facebook here.

Much love and style,
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**Disclaimer I am in no way a health professional and you should always see your healthcare professional first before starting or changing any program.  


  1. I am so sorry to hear you've had some health problems. I have the complete opposite problem. My blood pressure and blood sugar is always extremely low. I'm so glad this helped you out and I'm going to have to check them out too. Great post

    1. Thanks girly. Definitely check them out. My blood pressure used to be to low before I had children. Maybe it's just the chaos of children I can't handle. lol