July 18, 2014

Fit Friday: Stretches for flying

  With our upcoming travels taking off today, I wanted to share my favorite on flight stretches to survive the long flights.  Besides these great stretches I try to get up every hour or so to walk, I drink plenty of water (my favorite is Smart Water), and no alcohol. As much as I love a good drink, alcohol dehydrates you, and just overall is a bad idea when you are flying.
  Anyway on to Fitness Friday and why we are all here.  To get our fitness on.  Here are my five favorite stretches for flying.  Of course there are so many more you can comfortably do in your seat but, these are just my top go-to stretches.  Enjoy.

1. Neck Stretch/Neck Roll 
Sitting up tall with a flat back
Take left ear to left shoulder and hold for several breathes
Keeping right shoulder down away from your ears
repeat on right side
On to Neck Roll (not pictured)
Sitting up tall with a flat back
Take left ear to left shoulder 
Slowly drop your chin to your chest as you rotate your chin across to the right 
Finishing with right ear coming to right shoulder
Repeat other side

2. Cat/Cow Stretches
Sitting up tall with a flat back
Inhale as you draw your shoulders back
Lifting your chest
Pushing your tailbone back 
Arching your back
Exhale as you tuck your chin to your chest
Pull your belly in
Tucking your tailbone and under and forward
Rounding your back 

Repeat several times taking long deep breathes

3. Shoulder Opening 
Sit as far forward on your chair as you can (or you can do standing)
Interlock ten fingers behind you 
Inhale lift your chest 
Press your palms together 
As you lift away from your seat press your knuckles into your chair 
You can also draw your gaze to the ceiling
Hold for several breathes

4. Spinal Twist
Sitting up tall with a flat back and arm rests down on your chair
Cross your right leg over your left
Left hand comes across to right knee
Inhale sit up as tall as you can 
As you exhale right hand comes to the right arm rest
Begin to slowly twist to the right 
Lower, Middle Upper back finally turning your head looking over your right shoulder
Inhale to return to center
Repeat other side

5. Ankle Stretch/Ankle Rolls 
Sitting comfortably in your chair 
Point your toes back
Taking the tops of your feet towards the floor 
Hold for a breath or two
Bring feet flat to the floor 
Press heels down 
engaging quads and flexing all ten toes back towards your shin
Hold for a breath or two
Finally Ankle Rolls (not pictured)
Lifting one foot of floor simply roll in a circle motion both left and right repeat a couple times

  Make sure that you are taking deep breathes, in and out through your nose.  Also if you have neck or back issues please check with your doctor before completing any of these exercises.  Finally if you are pregnant do not spinal twist without checking with your doctor or avoid twisting through your lower back.  What are you favorite go to stretches for flying?  I love to hear your tips for staying comfortable on long flights.  

Much Love & Style,
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Disclosure:  Please consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program.  If you have any health issues or injuries please seek personal professional assistance.  Any actions that you take as a result from this program you do so at your own risk.  Accordingly you release The Fashionista Momma from any liability now and in the future including, but not limited to, injuries, illness, or even death, however caused, occurring during or after any actions that you have taken as a result of reading this content. 


  1. Not flying anytime soon, but we have to drive approx. 9h to reach my parents and I wager this could be good for long car trips as well? I will give some of those excersises a try next time!

    Alex - Funky Jungle

    1. Yes they are great for long car rides as well. We drove from California to Virginia and you bet I did these every once in a while. :) ~ Megan